How To Fix Windows Defender Crashing In Windows 11/10

How To Fix Windows Defender Crashing In Windows 11/10

How To Fix Windows Defender Crashing In Windows 11/10

How to quickly fix Windows Defender crashing – Windows Defender acts as the first line of defense for Windows users. However, many people use third-party antivirus and firewall software to protect their computers from viruses and other kinds of online threats.

Many people have complained lately about Windows Defender crashing on their computers. Many people need to be more aware of this since there are third-party antivirus installed on their systems, but it is important to know about them. Here we explain how to fix Windows Defender crashing in Windows 11/10.

How To Resolve Windows Defender Crashing On Windows 11/10?

Does Windows Defender constantly crash in Windows 11/10? To resolve this problem, follow the steps mentioned below. You can fix it step by step by using this method.

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Run SFC Scan

The first step you have to do is scan your computer for corrupted files. Scan your computer for corrupted files to know if it is the source of the problem. SFC (System File Checker) can be used to scan your computer for corrupted files and fix them. Follow the steps below to scan your computer for damaged files:

1 – Launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows key and searching for CMD. Then use administrative privileges to run the command prompt.

2 – Type sfc /scannow and run the following command.


3 – This will scan your computer and repair the corrupted files.

4 – When the operation is finished, restart the computer.

Update Windows

Another thing is to update Windows to the latest version. To do so, follow the steps given below:

1 – Go to the Start Menu and then Settings.


2 – On the left sidebar, click on Windows Update.

3 – On the right, click on Check for updates.


4 – Download and install all updates.

Scan PC For Virus

This problem can be caused by viruses and malware on your system. First, run a virus scan to fix the problems caused by viruses on your system. It would be best to use third-party antivirus software to check for viruses. If you don’t have any antivirus on your virus, you can download a free trial version of a commercial antivirus and use it to scan for viruses.

Uninstall Recently Installed Feature Update

If you encountered this issue after applying the feature update recently, please remove it. Below are the steps to remove newly installed feature updates:

1 – Press the Windows + I key combined on your PC to open the Menu Settings.

2 – On the System tab, click on Recovery.


3 – Next click on Advanced startup, press on the Restart now option. Confirm the restart of the computer.


4 – Click on Troubleshoot from the Advanced Startup menu.


5 – Then select Advanced Options.


6 – Select Uninstall Updates and click Latest Feature Update.


7 – Click on the Uninstall Latest Feature Update option.

Reset PC

If the problem persists, reset your computer. This is your final option if no previous troubleshooting steps helped you fix the problem. Follow the steps given below to reset your PC:

1 – First open the Settings on your PC by pressing Windows + I combined.

2 – On the right side, click on the Recovery option.

3 – Click here on the Reset PC button.


4 – You will now be asked to select one of the following options.

Keep My Files – Check this box if you want to remove your apps and settings, but keep all your files remaining on your PC.

Remove Everything – This will remove all of your apps, settings, and files. After doing this, your computer will be like new.

5 – After choosing one of the options, you will have another choice.

Cloud Download: Select this option if you want to download and install Windows via the Internet. To download Windows, you must have an Internet connection.

Local Reinstall: Select this option if you have a Windows ISO file and want to reinstall Windows from there.

6 – To continue, select one of the two options listed above.

7 – Now reset your PC as per instructions on the screen.

8 – Once the reset of the PC is complete, start your computer and set it up.

9 – You will no longer have to face the problem.

The Conclusion

This concludes my guide on how to quickly fix Windows Defender crashing in Windows 11/10. If you are facing this issue then it might be caused by corrupted system files or viruses. Also, Windows Updates often cause these issues. Well, if Windows Defender is not working on your computer, then you can solve the problem by following the steps above.

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