How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone Issues

Are you facing iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone Issues then your are at the right place? Also, are you notice that your sound voice is muffled during video calls or voice calls? In this article you will learn about how to fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone not working issues easily own yourself.  If you are facing these kind of issues in your iPhone. Then here we have explained the best steps by which you can fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone Issues easily.

Note: These steps will be helpful on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone Issues?

If you are facing the any one of the below mentioned issues in your iPhone, then it’s a microphone problem:

  • During a voice memo recording, it doesn’t work.
  • Siri doesn’t understand or hear your voice.
  • Dictate texting not working properly, when typing a text message.
  • People don’t hear your voice clearly during FaceTime Calls or when you are on your phone.

You may have to face issues with the above features because it is related to proper functioning of microphone in your iPhone. The microphone performs a lot of functions in your iPhone. It is necessary to make phone calls and FaceTime Calls. In addition to, various apps depend on the microphone such as record audio or listening the commands. Siri requires the mic to hear you also. If the microphone in your iPhone is not working properly — or your audio it’s capturing is fuzzy, muffled or unclear — that can cause a lot of frustration. Here, we have described the most common ways that you can apply to fix iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone issues easily.

Why is your iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone not working properly?

Let’s know why and how iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone issues occur. The mic of your iPhone can be distorted for different reasons, most common having a dirty phone. If you don’t clean your phone regularly, then you might be shocked to see how much dirt is added in your phone mic.

Many other common issues are linked to software updates and the installation of third-party apps. These issues disable or reconfigure your mic automatically without you notice it. The mic in your phone can be damaged because of some physical problems like internal fault or hardware fault in mishandling your iPhone.

If mic of your iPhone 14 Pro Max might be damaged or malfunctioning, the best way to test it to ensure.

The easiest method to ensure the mic of your iPhone is working, record your voice and listen the recording. You can easily observer if your recorded voice distorted and it may help you to find out the issue.

Testing the Primary Microphone

Testing the primary microphone, open the Voice Memo application from the home screen of your iPhone. Start the recording to record your sound. Stop the record icon and play it back. If you can’t easily listen your sound, this shows the primary microphone of iPhone 14 Pro Max is not working properly.

Testing the Front Microphone

Testing the front microphone, tap the Camera application from the home screen of your iPhone. Select the Video record option and toggle it to selfie mode, then open the record icon for recording your voice sound. Tap to stop the voice recording. Then move to the Photos application to play the  recorded video file. If you notice that you can’t hear your recoded voice clearly. This shows the front microphone of  your iPhone 14 Pro Max is not working well.

Testing the Back Microphone

Testing the back microphone, open the Camera app from the home screen of your iPhone. Choose the Video record option and open the record icon for recording your voice (This should be in regular view mode). Click to stop the voice recording. Open the Photos app to play the video file. If you are unable to hear your voice clearly, this shows the back microphone of your iPhone 14 Pro Max is not functioning.

How do I fix my microphone on my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

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When you are sure completely that microphone of your iPhone 14 Pro Max is not functioning properly, now you can set out to resolve it. Since there are a lot of reasons why your iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone may damage, let’s know the different methods to fix your issue. These are:

1– Restart your iPhone

Sometimes the restart your iPhone is the best solution. If you restart your iPhone, it refreshes the iOS by clearing all running processes and open applications. It may be a fast way to  fix your iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone issues.

Press the side and the volume buttons until the power off slider shows, then drag the slider to restart your iPhone. Before turning it back on, leave your iPhone off for 30 to 60 seconds, then check if your issue is resolved or not.

2– Check for iOS Updates

If a quick restarting method not help to fix the issue, check for software updates. In order to perform this function, follow the below  mentioned steps:

  • Go to Settings of your iPhone
  • Tap on General option
  • Then tap on software update

Mostly new software updates usually fix any bugs or errors facing in the current version, which could damage the iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone.

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3– Removal of iPhone’s Case

It is possible that some case manufacturers do not offer precise cutouts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max microphones to function normally. Inspect around the iPhone cover being used and check whether it is blocking the microphone holes or not.

You can exit the case and record a video to check whether the microphone works or not.

4– Clean Your iPhone’s Microphone

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Microphone Issues

If you don’t clean your iPhone from time to time, dirt can accumulate in small openings on the device, such as the microphone port. Simply cleaning the iPhone is not enough, as it can accumulate dust or other small debris.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has three microphones. Check the bottom, front, and rear microphone openings to ensure they are not covered, blocked, or obstructed in any way.

Take a small pin, fine needle, or similar and use it to gently clean the microphone. The other alternative is to blow directly on it to remove all accumulated debris. However, if you do this, be careful not to blow more air into the phone.

5– Unplug any Accessories

Unplug any accessories (like headphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth headsets) connected to your phone and use the microphone again to see if it works.

6– Restarting Communication Apps

If the microphone doesn’t work with apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype, close the app and open it again.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to open the app switcher.
  • Find a communication app you want to close and swipe up.
  • Open the app again and verify that the microphone works as expected.

7– Give Apps Microphone Access

Apps like Zoom, Meet, and Teams will ask for microphone permission on startup. If you accidentally denied the permission, the app will not be able to use the device’s microphone to function as expected. Make sure the app has permission to access the microphone. To do this, go to iPhone Settings, select the respective app to view its settings and make sure the Microphone is turned on.

If granting permissions does not resolve the issue and you are experiencing problems with the microphone of specific apps like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc., then the app itself might be faulty. If you are facing this condition, there are two methods or ways you can do:

  • Does this app have microphone or sound settings? Check these settings and make sure they are set correctly.
  • Remove the application from your iPhone 14 Pro Max and install it again.
  • Please contact the app developer.

8– Check if your iPhone is stuck on Headphone Mode

If you use wired headphones on your iPhone, in rare cases your phone may get stuck in headphone mode.

In this case, even after disconnecting the wired headphones, the iPhone still thinks it’s connected to one and may assume you’re getting audio input from those microphones instead of your own.

Plug your headphones in and unplug them again. This sounds obvious enough, but doing so could cause your iPhone to recognize that the headphones have been disconnected this time, kicking you out of headphone mode.

9– Reset All Settings

Consider this your last resort because it’s a nuisance. Try resetting your phone to its factory default settings and see if that fixes your iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone issues. To do this process, follow the given method step by step:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Then tap on Transfer or reset iPhone
  • Reset your iPhone
  • And tap on “Reset All Settings”.

While this won’t erase all data or apps installed on your iPhone, it will delete all your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

10- Get help from Apple

If all else fails, there’s a good chance your iPhone 14 Pro Max has a hardware issue. Microphones are delicate parts and can be easily broken by drops, water or similar damage. In this scenario, it is best to take your iPhone to an Apple authorized technician who can determine the fault of your device.

The Conclusion

There are several reasons why your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s microphone may not be working properly. If you have any issues, the methods above should help you identify and fix iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone issues.

The best way to prevent iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone issues from appearing in the future is to take good care of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my iPhone 14 mic so bad?

External Devices Possible foreign equipment such as headphones are interfering with the microphone. Network Issues – Sometimes your iPhone 14 Pro microphone problem may be related to network issues. If you’re on a call and suddenly the other party can’t hear you, a network problem could be to blame.

How do I test my microphone on my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Open the Voice Memos app. Tap the Record button, speak at the bottom of the phone and stop recording.

How do I clean my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

  • Disconnect all cables and turn off the iPhone.
  • Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth (for example, lens cloth).
  • Prevent moisture from entering the openings.
  • Don’t use cleaning products unless you follow the instructions to disinfect your iPhone.

How do I clean my iPhone 14 Pro Max speaker?

Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub your iPhone’s speaker grilles. Try to use the brush at an angle so you don’t force dirt into the grill, but brush gently.

Can water damage iPhone microphone?

Water in the port can reduce the performance of the speaker or microphone until it evaporates completely.

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