8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android [2023]

8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android [2023]

8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android [2023]

Free Phone Number Apps For Android – We have all witnessed the end of the era of traditional landline phones. With widely available Internet and lower-cost smartphones, it is simple to cut the cord for good. You can make free phone calls using several web apps, but you will still need a data connection, such as Wi-Fi or a carrier subscription. Free calling tools allow you to make and receive international and local calls for free using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Transferring, voicemail recording, call forwarding, and personalised voicemail greetings are among important aspects of free Phone number apps for Android. Such services will supply you with a second phone number that you may use to text or call any other American number, and it will always reflect that you are in the United States.

This post provides a complete list of the best free phone number apps for Android to help you make the right decision.

Top 8 Free Phone Number Apps For Android [2023]

The following are some of the most popular free phone number apps for Android that you may use to make free calls anywhere in the world. So let’s get started this article without further delay.

1. Dingtone


Dingtone is one of the greatest free phone number apps for Android. The app may provide you with a phone number based on your area code. It also has the ability to make phone calls in over 200 countries. Users can make unlimited calls using mobile data as long as their matching friends and family use the same free number app. In-app purchases also allow you to dial legitimate phone numbers. Later, you can add or obtain additional free credits through various commercials and promotions.


1- Make unlimited free phone calls to anyone.
2- International calling is possible.
3- Send texts, video calls, and phone calls to over 200 countries.
4- Conference calls are supported.
5- It contains an in-built recorder that allows you to record phone calls.

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2. ConXhub


It is one of the best free phone number apps for Android that is free. ConXhub is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows users to establish different numbers and profiles. You may even receive phone calls from many numbers with this clever business phone number software. It is not only available for Android cellphones, but also for iOS smartphones.


1- Calls are good and of high quality.
2- Calls can be routed to any phone or mobile device.
3- It will provide you with a local, international, or toll-free number from any country you specify.
4- Simple and quick navigation.

3. Ring4


Ring4 is the greatest free phone number apps for Android  for creating a second phone number, whether for business or personal reasons. It offers high-definition (HD) video conferencing, robot call blocking, call recording, voicemails, and international calls in addition to a second phone line or eSim. Ring4 is an excellent virtual office solution because it includes unlimited calls, texts, and video conferences.


1- It is much easier to set up and maintain many phone lines.
2- It allows you to select a number with your area code.
3- There is a contact list and a dial pad provided.
4- It features built-in recorders that allow you to easily record any call.
5- Its smart block function allows you to block unwanted calls.
6- You may personalise voicemail messages and greetings.
7- Text messages, emoticons, and photo messages can all be sent.

4. Phone.com (Phone Number Apps For Android)


Phone.com is a free phone number apps for Android. This tool far outperforms any other standard solution. This tool is used by many firms to address professional demands such as sales, support, and so on.


1- This app offers a simple user interface.
2- Depending on how many people use the application, you can create a variety of numbers.
3- The app allows you to send SMS and MMS messages from your smartphone.
4- Conference calls are also supported by the app.

5. Hushed (Phone Number Apps For Android)


Hushed is a free phone number apps for Android. It allows you to call and send photos, videos, and texts to any number in the world. This app allows you to keep your actual phone number secure and secured by providing you with a second number that you may use to make phone calls. You may also add and manage multiple phone numbers. It also allows you to forward a call to another number. Users can also record and edit their voicemails using this tool.


1- It is entirely free to use.
2- Make your chat private and secure.
3- It allows you to connect the app to Slack or DropBox.
4- You can even use Wi-Fi or a data connection to get to your phone number.
5- Users may manage multiple numbers.
6- It supports calls, text messaging (SMS), photo messaging, and MMS.

6. GrooVeIP


GrooVeIP is a well-deserved free phone number apps for Android. Using this program, you can obtain an authentic American phone number to present to others. This service supports both texts and phone calls. In-app purchases are available in the app. When it comes to the free component, it is questionable. You may even earn revenue for it free.

However, you must first browse advertisements and complete the required offers. We realise it’s a little scary, but it works like magic. There is also the option to purchase credits. Not for indefinite use; however, the gadget is an excellent choice for limited free calls.


1- Tool that is lightweight and simple to use.
2- It has a dialer that can be used to make phone calls.
3- Every month, this Android free phone number app can provide you with free credits.
4- Call any landline or mobile phone in Canada or the United States.
5- Send SMS messages to friends and relatives.

7. MightyCall


MightyCall is one of the best virtual phone systems designed specifically for small businesses. This free phone number apps for Android allows you to make and receive calls from any device. It allows you to reject, accept, or forward the call to voicemail. The software allows you to build your flow using a conversational and simple chart. It records every aspect of your conversations. Calls can also be effortlessly redirected to any phone number or device.


1- Allows for limitless calling.
2- You are free to select a toll-free or area code number.
3- It allows you to record your phone calls.
4- Let’s listen to voicemails and get notifications.
5- You can even see your voicemail message.
6- Manage all of your company’s contacts in one place.

8. Grasshopper


It’s a free phone number apps for Android that offers excellent communication solutions for small enterprises and groups. The tool provides a single phone number that may be reached without difficulty on current mobile devices or landlines. Grasshopper allows you to receive many calls at the same time by routing them to another team member or phone. Its Wi-Fi calling feature quickly detects probable spam calls. Users can even change the call forwarding settings.


1- A mobile or desktop app can be used to make and receive phone calls.
2- This app converts voicemail messages to text, allowing you to read them without listening.
3- It provides a comprehensive view of your business interactions across several media.
4- It allows you to record professional greeting messages for your clients or customers.
5- The app allows you to send/share fax documents as PDF attachments via email.

Conclusion: 8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android [2023]

As a result, the apps listed above are among the top free phone number apps for Android are available. We hope you found the information in this page helpful. Please tell us know through comments if we missed anything in this fruitful article.

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