Why Is My Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working? How to Fix The Problem

Are you an Apple watch user and your apple watch screen is not responding? So, it is very alarming for you because you are unable to perform any function on your Apple Watch. In this article, you will learn about the easy methods on how to fix Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working problems.

The Apple Watch is a popular wearable device that appeals to both technology enthusiasts and fashion-conscious consumers. It comes with a variety of features designed to make your life easier, such as tracking your fitness goals, receiving notifications, and making calls.

However, like all electronic devices, the Apple Watch can experience issues from time to time. One of these problems is a faulty touch screen. In this topic, we will see why your Apple Watch touch screen is not working and how to fix the problem.

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Responding to Touch?

If your Apple Watch isn’t responding to touch, here are some possible reasons:

  • Your fingers are dirty or covered: If you wear gloves or cover your fingers, Apple Watch may not recognize your touch. Before trying again, make sure your fingers are clean and not blackened.
  • The Apple Watch screen is dirty: If your Apple Watch screen is oily, dirty, or wet, this can also affect its performance. Try to wipe the Apple Watch Screen gently with a cloth.
  • Screen protector affects usage: If you install a new screen protector on your Apple Watch, it may not fit properly. Apply again and see if the problem is resolved.
  • Your Apple Watch is frozen: If your Apple Watch is frozen, it won’t respond to your touch. Press and hold the crown and side Digital button until you see the Apple logo to force restart your computer.

Why Is My Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working Properly? How to Fix The Problem

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If your apple watch touch screen not working and you are facing hurdles to perform any function. Then take it easy and you don’t need to worry about your Apple Watch touch screen problem. You only thing you have to do is apply these methods to fix apple watch touch screen unresponsive issues.

If your Apple Watch is still not responding even after performing the above fixes and checks. There are other ways to fix an Apple Watch touch screen not responding problems.

Note: You have to apply the following methods according to your apple watch screen not working issue. If one is not working then try the other one to fix the problem.

1– Force-restart your Apple Watch

This is worth mentioning twice. Restarting the clock fixes most issues. Press and hold the Digital Crown and Side buttons for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This trick will be helpful to fix your Apple Watch Touch screen not working issues.

2– Close Some Apps Running on your Apple Watch

If the problem seems to be limited to one app, don’t use it or find an alternative. The problem may be with the app and not the Apple Watch.

3– Updating your Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch hasn’t been updated in a while, it might be worth updating watchOS. Do this through the Watch app on your iPhone and see if that fixes the problem.

4– Screen Protector Issues

If you think the screen protector or case is at fault, it’s best to remove it. Screen protectors are great for protecting your device, but some for Apple Watch don’t work very well.

You can try cleaning the case and see if that works. Or maybe you didn’t put the screen protector on correctly. Try wearing it again and see if it looks better in a different way.

The best Apple Watch screen protectors are made from shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant tempered glass. Look for one with a hardness rating of 9H or higher, which is ideal for accidental drops, bumps, or scratches.

5– Unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch

Why Is My Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working? How to Fix The Problem

If the issue persists, you can unpair your Apple Watch and pair it again. It’s a best simple process and you can easily restore your Apple Watch from a backup. Your Apple Watch is automatically backed up to your iPhone before your content and settings are deleted.

  • Unpair your Apple Watch
    • Open the ‘Watch‘ application on your iPhone.
    • Ensure ‘My Watch‘ tab is selected showing at the bottom of the screen. Then click on ‘All Watches‘ option displaying at the top of the screen, just above the name of your Apple Watch.
    • Click the ‘Info‘ or ‘Information‘ button (i) next to the name of your watch.
    • Press on ‘Unpair Apple Watch‘ option.
    • Click on ‘Unpair [Your Apple Watch Name] Apple Watch‘ icon.
    • If your Apple Watch is connected to a cellular network, select to keep your cellular plan.
    • Then enter your Apple ID password and click on ‘Unpair‘ showing in the top right corner.
  • Re-pair your Apple Watch
    • Wear it on your wrist and keep it next to your iPhone. If it’s off, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo shows.
    • Follow the instructions on your iPhone screen.
    • Select “Make this your new Apple Watch” and select “Backup.”
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and if you need additional help, see Set up your Apple Watch for more information.

If you’re still having issues with your Apple Watch, try turning it off again; but this time, instead of restoring from a backup, select “Set up as new Apple Watch”.

6– Contact Apple Support Center

If none of these fixes work, contact Apple Support. There may be a hardware problem with your touchscreen that requires you to send it in for repair.

The Conclusion: Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working

If you’re wondering why your Apple Watch touch screen not working, software issues, hardware damage, or corrosion are likely to blame. However, by following the steps above, you can restore full functionality to your Apple Watch. If none of these solutions work, we recommend that you contact Apple Support for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t i press my Apple Watch?

Look for debris or dirt around the side button or Digital Crown and clean your Apple Watch.

How do I use my Apple Watch without touch screen?

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Go to option Accessibility, click on AssistiveTouch and turn it on. Then click on Hand Gestures and turn on Hand Gestures option.

How do I factory reset an Apple Watch if the touch screen isn’t working?

To reset your Apple Watch using your iPhone, open the Watch app and select your device under My Watch. Then tap the info icon > Turn Off Apple Watch. This step also cleans the watch and restores factory settings.

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